Quick and Dirty Corki Guide - by IronyLung

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I use 21/0/9


All out armor penetration (marks and quints)
Mana regen glyphs
For seals I use armor, but I feel like this could be left to prefrence

Summoner spells

I use teleport and flash, but I use those for almost every hero. Heal is always good in a pinch as well as rally for that extra dmg boost. I'd stick to some combination of those 4 though. Flash may seem like a waste with his valykrie (sp?) skill but I use it mostly to escape and his skill for offense.


Dagger+HP pot to start.

Berserker Greaves

Trinity Force

Black Cleaver

Last whisper

and then whatever godly item you feel would be appropriate. I find most games are over by the time I get the above items.


Phosphorus bomb
Gatling Gun

After you first missile just focus on getting bomb and valk to 5 then finish you gatling gun

When going for a 1 on 1 gank its pretty simple, valk over them, drop a phosphorus bomb, drop a missile, hit the gatling gun and then just chase them down, spamming missiles as you go. Team fights are much the same, although starting with gatling gun is a good idea to boost your parties overall damage at the start.