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10-21-2009 - Release Notes v1.0.0.32

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PvP.Net v0.29.03


  • Art for the "End of Game" has been updated
  • The Summoner Profile page now shows more detailed stats for the last 10 games played
  • Masteries that you do not have the pre-requisites for are now grayed out for easier visual reference
  • The Champion Select screens have been improved with minor visual adjustments
  • All Experience Bars are now consistent in style and color
  • "Champion Skin Browsing Art" has been improved.


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  • Fixed a bug in the Summoner Profile that showed the experience bar as always full
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the buddy list to not show the correct status during or after games

League of Legends v1.0.0.32

New Announcer Voiceovers

New in-game HUD

  • Information is better compartmentalized with your abilities, Health, Mana, and Experience in the center; player information and stats on the left; and the mini-map unchanged on the right
  • New Team Indicators allow you to quickly compare your own health against your target’s
  • More usable gameplay space, with less HUD interference while playing on the purple team
  • More minimalist but higher quality art
  • Smarter scaling means that UI scale will no longer affect chat and buffs

New Two-Lane Map – Twisted Treeline

  • Twisted Treeline is one of the few remaining forests near Zaun that has not been exploited for natural resources; a mere cursory glance at the geography of the arena quickly explains why. The misuse ofmagic – mainly from Zaun but also from the numerous battles fought here during the various Rune Wars – has warped the verdant environs of the Twisted Treeline into terrain into a bizarre, alien-like visage.
  • Twisted Treeline can be accessed in the Practice Game section



  • Updated Particles


  • Fixed an issue where Cho'Gath would not move close enough to the target to Feast at large sizes.


  • CH-1 Concussion Grenade Blind Duration reduced from 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 to 1/1.5/2/2.5/3
  • Magic Resist will reduce damage dealt to turrets
  • H-28G Evolution Turret Magic Resist reduced from 120 to100
  • H-28G Evolution Turrets now detonate upon Heimerdinger's death


  • Lay Waste mana cost decreased from 25/35/45/55/65 to 24/32/40/48/54
  • Defile mana cost decreased from 30/45/60/75/90 to 30/42/54/66/78


  • Death Lotus cooldown increased from 45 to 60
  • Death Lotus AP scaling decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.


  • Updated Particles

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  • Spell Flux Damage reduced from 300/400/500 to 240/360/480
  • Rune Prison Range reduced from 600 to 550


  • Fling tooltip now shows mana cost per level
  • Mega Adhesive tooltip now shows mana cost per level
  • Added new Alternate attack animations


  • Changed model


  • The Bloodlust stacks applied from casting Undying Rage should properly increase Tryndamere's stats.

Twisted Fate

  • Added team color indicators to Gate's particle.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to instantly Gate after using Wild Cards.


  • Infinite Duress will now break its self-stun if his target breaks free.
  • Infinite Duress animation should properly display for all players.


  • Guardian Angel Combine Cost increased from 850 to 1200
  • Nashor's Tooth tooltip was updated to match the functionality of the item

  • Added an innate 75 Magic Resist to lower damage from abilities such as CH1-Concussion Grenade and Tremors
  • Increased Backdoor Bonus from 175 to 250


  • Added chat commands
    • /r replies to the last person who whispered you
    • /mute "<player>" will block all in-game chat from that player
  • Cast frames on auto attacks have been calibrated for all units
  • Increased soft movement speed diminishing returns from 400 MS to 415 MS
  • Increased harsh movement speed diminishing returns 475 MS to 490 MS.
  • Diminishing returns from slows kicks in at 220 MS from 210 MS.
  • Fixed some getting stuck and unable to move issues
  • Fixed surrender bugs
  • Fixed several client crash bugs
  • Added message box that will display if the game is started with a non Shader 2.0 compatible video card (or drivers).